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Dark nights are drawing in and Hallowe’en is just around the corner! 🕸💥⚰️🕷🧟‍♂️🎃
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🔵Do you play a sport in which you potentially could suffer from a concussion?

⚫️Are you the kind of person who prefers to go into a situation pre-prepared or do you just wing it and hope for the best?

If you like to be prepared, read on!!!

🔵Concussion is a term which is familiar to many in contact sport. I wonder though how many people understand that it’s a term that actually describes brain damage?

⚫️Let’s not underestimate what we’re dealing with when someone suffers a concussion.... it’s not just a knock on the head that leaves you seeing stars and after a couple of days, disappears.

🔵Concussion is a form of brain injury that results in damage and impairment. Often enough to have a massive impact on your day to day life. One concussion makes you more likely to experience another. The cumulative effect of this damage is life threatening. It’s tricky for sports doctors to work out the degree of damage you’ve suffered unless they knew what your brain was like BEFORE injury.

⚫️In light of the seriousness of concussion, there is a PRE-CONCUSSION test available to allow players to record their healthy brain activity BEFORE they sustain a concussion.

🔵Why? Well, it makes it A LOT easier for sports doctors to treat and manage concussion when they know what changes the concussion has caused to your normal brain. Rehabilitation can then be quicker and treatments offered VASTLY more effective.

⚫️Baseline PRE-CONCUSSION testing is now available at Sports Medicine NI. At only £20, your baseline information is collected and stored.
They run regular clinics which are open to the public.

🔵In the next few weeks, I shall be bringing one of our sponsored sports players (an MMA fighter and rugby player) - for a baseline concussion test to SMNI. We have been working with Ben for several years now, and as his mouthguard sponsor I want to invest in this test to ensure that should he ever suffer a concussion, then the best medical care can be offered immediately to give him the best outcome.

⚫️ contact SPORTS MEDICINE NI directly to book an appointment
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