Why us

Bringing the optimum in oral protection to sports players throughout Northern Ireland in the club or school setting, for the team or individual player. A service provided by fully qualified dental professionals.


Gumshields2Go believe that every sports player regardless of age or ability should have easy access to the best protection for their teeth whilst playing their sport, at a competitive price and with minimal inconvenience.


The customised mouthguard (often referred to as a dentist-made gum shield) is 1000% more effective than a ‘shop bought’ or ‘boil and bite’ style gumshield. It fits the player’s mouth exactly and absorbs impact much more effectively – thus reducing injury to the teeth, jaw, face and brain.


We also offer the convenience of coming to you* (by appointment) at evening training sessions,weekend tournaments, easter/summer camps and school games afternoons –avoiding the difficulty of trying to arrange dentist appointments around family and work commitments. Keep an eye out out too, for our pop up clinics!

Winning Results

They are comfortable to wear, and allow the player to focus on their game rather than be distracted by an ill fitting mouthguard which interferes with speech and breathing and needs clenched into place.

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Long Term Success

Having your mouthguard made with Gumshields2Go, allows us to offer a cost-effective solution to you and your teammates. We can provide the best level of oral protection at a considerably lower price than having one made at your dentist. We offer a loyalty cash-back reward scheme to clubs and schools, helping you raise valuable funds for your players.