Cleaning Your Personalised Mouthguard And Taking Care Of It

Dental mouthpiece cleaning tablet in a glass.

The most comfortable and effective type of teeth protection is a personalised gum shield manufactured by a professional custom mouthguard fitting service. A custom mouthguard is made completely personalised to you and your teeth and manufactured at a specialist laboratory. At Gumshields2go we ensure we manufacture personalised mouthguards which are exactly what your sport requires. Having a custom gum shield that fits only you, means that you are the only person responsible for cleaning and taking care of it too!

When investing in a gumshield personalised to your mouth, you want to ensure you are getting the maximum lifetime out of your custom gumshield. For the under 10 age group a personalised gum shield is expected to last 12 months and for the 10-16 year olds, 18-24 months. For the 17+ adult age group, a custom gum shield is expected to last several years. This is all provided there has been no major dental changes that would impact the gum shield. 

Now that you have invested in a personalised mouthguard it is important that you follow the correct clean and care routine. This will strengthen the lifespan of the gum shield so that it continues to protect your mouth as long as possible. Since you wear gum shields in your mouth it is necessary to regularly clean them. Cleaning and caring for your gum shield is vitally important for protection against gum disease and bacterial infections. Without regular cleaning bacteria can multiply, it risks damaging your teeth and results in needing a replacement custom mouthguard. 

Here’s 5 top tips on how to take care of your custom mouthguard:

  1. Store your mouthguard in a protective case 

When you are not wearing your custom mouthguard we recommend you store it in a protective case that we can provide. When your mouthguard is not in it’s case, it is best to avoid direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures. This can damage it’s unique custom shape and cause the gum shield to warp.  

  1. Clean your mouthguard daily

Rinse your mouthguard immediately after wearing it. After rinsing you should lightly brush your mouthguard with a toothbrush and avoid using toothpaste. Toothpaste can be abrasive and cause your custom mouthguard to wear out more quickly. However, lightly brushing with a toothbrush guarantees the removal of any bacterial plaque and food debris. We also can provide specific disinfectant freshening sprays to keep your custom mouthguard fresh and clean in between wears.

  1. Allow your mouthguard to dry completely 

Let your personalised mouthguard dry on a flat and clean surface to prevent any bacteria growth. By allowing the mouthguard to air dry, you can prevent picking up additional bacteria from drying towels. Moisture can encourage bacteria to build up so keeping it dry will prevent this.  

  1. Deep cleaning your gum shield on a monthly basis

In addition to the daily cleaning of your gum shield, it is recommended that you deep clean it monthly. By using a non-abrasive cleaner monthly this will protect your custom mouthguard from any damage. Regular dishwashing liquid and water are the perfect non-abrasive cleaners to keep your custom gum shield clean and protected. This will ensure you get the most from your mouthguard in helping to protect your mouth and teeth. 

  1. Keep your mouthguard’s protective case clean

However, all of these efforts to clean and care for your personalised gum shield are unproductive if you neglect the protective case your mouthguard is contained in. By thoroughly washing and rinsing your mouthguard case you are ensuring your clean and care efforts don’t go to waste. 

When to replace your mouthguard

Whilst your custom mouthguard should last several years if cleaned and taken care of properly, it will not last forever. A crack or tear is a sure sign you need to replace your mouthguard. If your mouthguard starts to feel uncomfortable, it may be time to discuss a new gum shield with Gumshields2Go. 

Make the commitment to keep your personalised mouthguard fresh and clean by including the above tips into your daily routine. For more information on how to keep your personalised gum shield clean, contact us today.