frequently asked questions

Decide on a clinic you wish to attend from our website or facebook page, then choose your gumshield, register and pay online. We prefer online payments as this keeps the clinics running on time, however, we also accept cash and card payments at the time of the clinic.

One of our professionally qualified dental team will take an impression of your teeth at a clinic or at our premises. We then manufacture your gumshield at our specialist laboratory and either post it back to you or it can be collected from our premises.

Our normal turnaround is approximately 2 weeks in our peak season of August/September.

The youngest smile we have protected is a 4-year-old. So long as the player (regardless of age) is happy and relaxed, we can work with them to take a dental impression. The earlier the child starts playing in a comfortable and protective gumshield that they actively WANT to wear, the better. It is important that young players have a positive relationship with their mouth protection – this makes for a good habit of a lifetime.

Up to now, we haven’t had to replace a mouthguard for the under 10 age group within 12 months. Normally in the 10-16 year age group, we find 18-24 months is the average, with the gumshield lasting longer the older the child becomes.

For our 17+ year old adult players, these will last for several years as long as there is no major dental changes after the gumshield has been manufactured, and that the player does not suffer a significant blow to the face/mouth region. If there has been a significant impact to the mouthguard, we recommend contacting us for advice. Like any other PPE, the protection deteriorates after use, and it is prudent to replace a mouthguard every couple of years. Younger kids should get between 12/18 months depending on how quickly their mouths grow and change.

We recommend you store your gumshield in a protective case that we can provide. Rinse it under cold water after use the allow it to dry completely before storing. We also can provide specific antibacterial freshening sprays…. Please ask.

Yes you can! Providing the braces have been on for around 6-8 weeks we can take a specific type of mould over your brace. The gumshield that we make will fit over them and give excellent protection. Once the braces are removed you would need to get a new gumshield fitted.

We offer a choice of 37 colours which can be split into 2,3,4 or 5 stripe varieties. We also have a wide selection of designs, patterns and flags which you can choose from, including club badges/colours etc. If you have a particular design idea you would like us to do for you we can offer this as well at extra cost.

In the unlikely event of having a problem with one of our products please contact us and we can help with any issues.

We offer three levels of protection: the protection level required is determined by the age of the player as well as the contact sport played. All our mouthguards are bi or tri laminated, in keeping with the standards recommended by Sports Dentistry and Dental Trauma experts worldwide. The process of laminating allows greater impact protection, as the forces not only get absorbed by the plastic but also dispersed between the layers.

Gumshields2Go is unique in that WE prescribe your protection based on YOUR sporting requirements. Other mouthguard companies allow the player to choose their mouthguard, which can lead to players inadvertently under protecting themselves. At Gumshields2Go, we ensure that we manufacture you a mouthguard which is EXACTLY what your sport requires.

Yes! This is a common request which we can accommodate. Because each of our mouthguards are expertly hand crafted, we can alter each to suit the individual player’s comfort – provided it does not compromise on their safety.

We keep all the moulds we take for approximately 3-6 months so feel free to contact us and we can remake your gumshield at a reduced rate.

Because our technical team are highly trained, we are able to predict what dental changes are likely to occur within the next 12 months. We accommodate this and leave space for the baby teeth to be lost and the new adult teeth to come down into.

It’s a simple process! Please feel free to contact us to arrange a suitable date!. We can organise social media for you as well as posters and flyers to advertise our visit.

We offer all clubs/schools 5% cashback on all sales we do at their clinic. It’s a great way to boost funds!