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Via the simple process of a dental mould, we record your teeth, the space between your lip and teeth, and the way your teeth meet together. All this information means you will have a unique mouthguard which will fit only you. From this, our skilled technicians will craft a dual laminated mouthguard made from the highest quality CE EVA plastic we can source.

Because GUMSHIELDS2GO™ custom fitted mouthguards hug each tooth in 360-degree contact, the plastic absorbs the impact immediately and spreads the destructive forces between the dual layers of plastic, away from the teeth.

The sports shop bought (boil and bite, self-fit style mouthguards) only come in contact with a few teeth. The rest of the teeth ‘hang’ unsupported – therefore these gumshields are a looser fit and there is less tooth surface area in contact with the plastic when impact strikes. These single layer mouthguards shunt against the teeth and essentially become part of the impact, with destructive energy forces travelling to the teeth and jaws.

The comfort and security of our players is our driving force. Your lip will no longer feel perched or propped forward on your mouthguard. Your gumshield will feel slimline and contoured, and you will feel entirely protected without the bulk.

There are multiple protection levels dependent on the type of contact sport you play and the impact you are likely to encounter. We provide the correct level of oral protection recommended for your sport.

Studies have shown that players who wear a custom fitted mouthguard can perform at a higher level than those who wear a boil and bite, non-customised style of mouthguard. A well-fitting mouthguard allows you to talk, breathe and most of all focus on your game.

Having your mouthguard made with GUMSHIELDS2GO™ allows us to offer a cost-effective and convenient solution to you and your team mates. We believe in building long lasting relationships with our customers and enjoy supporting our players and clubs/schools. We can offer vouchers and products towards fundraising events – enquiries are welcome!

We have educational talks on the importance of wearing a mouthguard and the management of a tooth trauma pitch-side, as well as the importance of oral health and nutrition in sport.

We offer tailored sports dentistry services – pre-season oral health screening packages are available for teams and individuals to ensure players are starting the season dentally fit and allowing the opportunity to perform at their optimum.

Dental treatment can be arranged privately in a local clinic if treatment is required within a short time frame.

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Demonstration Video

If you are wondering how the DIY Impression Kit works, WATCH the short video above that explains how to use the Impression kit in the most effective way possible for the best outcome.