Custom Mouthguard UK

How to Select A Custom Mouthguard in UK That Will Keep You Protected.

Anyone who has worn a custom mouthguard UK before will know how distracting it can be if it doesn’t quite fit properly. Your mouthguard should never force you to choose between comfort and protection.

When You Are Assessing The Fit Of Your Custom Mouthguard, Ask Yourself These Questions:


Is My Custom Mouthguard Securely Fitted?

  • A properly fitted mouthguard doesn’t require you to clench your teeth for it to remain secure. It also shouldn’t become loose from your tongue.

Can I Talk and Breathe Without Difficulty?

  • Your mouthguard should not prevent you from being able to speak and especially should not prevent you from being able to breathe properly.

Is My Mouthguard Too Big or Too Small for My Mouth?

  • Your mouthguard should end somewhere between your first and second molar and should cover all your teeth (excluding back molars). If it doesn’t this means it might be too small. On the other hand, If your mouthguard overwhelms your upper jaw, extends too far back or comes into too much contact with your soft palate then this is a sign that it is too big for you.

It’s important to note that an incorrectly fitted mouthguard can cause major distraction during a game if it needs to be constantly adjusted which can negatively affect your performance. It can also be a major safety concern as it won’t be providing optimal protection to your teeth and gums.

Personal Gum Shield

Ensure Your Custom Mouthguard UK is CE Compliant

A mouthguard manufacturer can only place the CE mark on to their mouthguard and/or packaging if a prototype of the mouthguard has been tested and certified by an independent European notified body.

To Acquire CE Certification, Mouthguards Must be Both Impact and Innocuous Tested:

Impact testing:

Impact testing tests the amount of energy that can be transferred through the mouthguard to your teeth. Simply put, the better the mouthguard is at absorbing the shock and diffusing the impact then the more protected your teeth and jaw will be. 

Innocuous testing: 

Innocuous testing ensures that all the materials used in the mouthguard are innocuous and won’t harm the user. A number of tests are carried out to ensure all the chemicals present won’t seep into the users body in dangerous quantities.



GUMSHIELDS2GO only use the finest quality, CE approved dual layer plastic. The dental technicians at GUMSHIELDS2GO are trained to the highest standards and take extreme pride in the quality and protection of their personalised mouthguards. In fact, all of their mouthguards are individually hand inspected and disinfected before they leave their lab guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction. 


GUMSHIELDS2GO also offer a 12 month fit guarantee. So if your mouthguard starts to become loose or uncomfortable within 12  months of purchase, GUMSHIELD2GO will adjust your mouthguard for free. Giving you and your players confidence in their product. 

To find out more about GUMSHIELDS2GO’s products and services, click here.

Personalised Gum Shield


Gumshields2Go believe that every sports player regardless of age or ability should have easy access to the best protection for their teeth whilst playing their sport, at a competitive price and with minimal inconvenience.


The customised mouthguard (often referred to as a dentist-made gum shield) is 1000% more effective than a ‘shop bought’ or ‘boil and bite’ style gumshield. It fits the player’s mouth exactly and absorbs impact much more effectively – thus reducing injury to the teeth, jaw, face and brain.


We also offer the convenience of coming to you* (by appointment) at evening training sessions, weekend tournaments, easter / summer camps and school games afternoons –avoiding the difficulty of trying to arrange dentist appointments around family and work commitments. Keep an eye out out too, for our pop up clinics!

Personal Gum Shield
Personalised Gum Shield

Our Dental Laboratory

G2G has its own dedicated dental laboratory, allowing us to create our CE approved sports mouthguards on site. This allows us to produce a consistently high quality product in a shorter time frame. All of our mouthguards are individually hand checked before they leave our laboratory to ensure they meet our own exacting standards. We are proud of our product and want our players to be as protected from injury as possible.

G2G is a wholly Northern Irish owned and operated enterprise which lives by its mission statement: PASSIONATE about PROTECTION, COMMITTED to PREVENTION and SUPPORTING YOUR SUCCESS.