Personalised mouthguard

One of the first things we notice about someone is their smile. So we really shouldn’t take our smile for granted when our teeth can be so easily damaged. Especially from playing contact sports. Cracks, chips and even teeth loss is extremely common among sports people and the leading cause is from not wearing an appropriate, personalised mouthguard. But with a variety of styles on the market, things can get a little bit confusing, let’s start by choosing the right style for you.

What Personalised Mouthguard Style Is Right For Me?


1. Ready-Made Mouthguards

Ready made mouthguards are those that you can purchase straight off the shelf. They do not need to be altered in any way. The plus-sides of ready-made mouthguards are that they are convenient and hassle-free. The downsides are that they are bulkier, less comfortable and offer less protection.

2. Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

Boil-and-bite mouthguards are by far the most popular. Their whole design focuses around allowing their users to fit and adapt their mouth guards at home, simply by putting the mouthguard in hot water, leaving it to soften and then moulding it to the shape of their teeth.

The plus-side of the boil-and-bite mouthguards is the fact they are reasonably inexpensive. The downside is that they can sometimes still be bulk and uncomfortable and also offer less protection than their custom-fit alternatives.


3. Custom-Fit / Personalised Mouthguards

Custom-fit mouthguards are definitely the optimal choice. They offer the most protection and the comfiest fit. They are usually moulded to your teeth by a dental professional and therefore, usually come with the heftiest price tag. But not with GUMSHIELDS2GO.


GUMSHIELDS2GO’s Personalised Mouthguards

GUMSHIELDS2GO offer a DIY custom-fit, personalised mouthguard that can be posted out to your home. For only £30 you will receive your DIY Home Impression Kit which will include an instruction guide, 3 impression trays to fit S,M,L. 2 Jars of Impression Putty and a colour guide for you to choose your favourite mouthguard style.

GUMSHIELDS2GO only use the finest quality, CE approved dual layer plastic. The dental technicians at GUMSHIELDS2GO are trained to the highest standards and take extreme pride in the quality and protection of their personalised mouthguards. In fact, all of their mouthguards are individually hand inspected and disinfected before they leave their lab guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.

GUMSHIELDS2GO also offer a 12 month fit guarantee. So if your mouthguard starts to become loose or uncomfortable within 12 months of purchase, GUMSHIELD2GO will adjust your mouthguard for free. Giving you and your players confidence in their product.


To find out more about GUMSHIELDS2GO’s products and services, click here.

Personal Gum Shield


Gumshields2Go believe that every sports player regardless of age or ability should have easy access to the best protection for their teeth whilst playing their sport, at a competitive price and with minimal inconvenience.


The customised mouthguard (often referred to as a dentist-made gum shield) is 1000% more effective than a ‘shop bought’ or ‘boil and bite’ style gumshield. It fits the player’s mouth exactly and absorbs impact much more effectively – thus reducing injury to the teeth, jaw, face and brain.


We also offer the convenience of coming to you* (by appointment) at evening training sessions, weekend tournaments, easter / summer camps and school games afternoons –avoiding the difficulty of trying to arrange dentist appointments around family and work commitments. Keep an eye out out too, for our pop up clinics!

Personal Gum Shield
Personalised Gum Shield

Our Dental Laboratory

G2G has its own dedicated dental laboratory, allowing us to create our CE approved sports mouthguards on site. This allows us to produce a consistently high quality product in a shorter time frame. All of our mouthguards are individually hand checked before they leave our laboratory to ensure they meet our own exacting standards. We are proud of our product and want our players to be as protected from injury as possible.

G2G is a wholly Northern Irish owned and operated enterprise which lives by its mission statement: PASSIONATE about PROTECTION, COMMITTED to PREVENTION and SUPPORTING YOUR SUCCESS.